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Kontur Europy i Azji na niebieskim tle
Theory and practice. Polish and Kazakh experiences

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D.D. Dosmagambetova, U.Z. Utbanova
Management of Economy through the Multicativ Effect (on an Example of the Aktyubinsk Area)  7

Alina Dyduch
Accounting in the Context of Business Entity Management  21

A.S. Salykova, A.B. Nurumova, G.E. Bakubayeva
Tax Management as a Constituent of the Financial Administration  41

K.A. Serikbayevа Perfection of Tax System by Influence on Reproduction Process  51

Jerzy Kicki, Krzysztof Kwaśniewski
Methodology for the Preparation of a Long-Term Strategy Concerning Lignite Price Formation Between Amine and Power Station in an “Imperfect Market” Situation  61

Ewa Beck-Krala
Innovative Techniques in Human Resources Management. Selected Ideas and Tools in Practice of Polish Companies  73

I.T. Nurumova, G.Z. Begenova, S.K. Balgozhina
To the Issue of the Personnel Management   99

N.S. Mashanov
Some Aspects of Judicial System Personnel Management Reforming of the Republic Kazakhstan  109

Antoni Kleniewski, Jan Sas
Health and Safety at Work Management System – History, Requirement Interpretation and Operational Practice  115

L.A. Kopteva
Management of the Quality and Competitive Ability of the Meat Market and Meat Foods in Kazakhstan  137

S.V. Nickiforova
Management of Quality as the Basis of an Enterprise’s Competitiveness  145

Piotr Łebkowski
Petri Nets as Tool for Modelling Materials Flow at a Continuous Steel Casting Plant  155

Lech Bukowski, Marek Karkula
Support of Logistics Process Management with Simulation Techniques  183

Alina Kozarkiewicz
Project and Project Portfolio Management  209

A.M. Shamenov
Strategic Management for Industrial and Innovation Development of Kazakhstan  227

M. Sabyrova
Peculiarities of InnovatIon Risk Management in Oil and Gas Industry  237

M.V. Shtiller
Some Issues of Company Risks Assessment and Management Improvement  247

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