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Selected Issues of Wellbore Hydraulics and Cementing

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The monograph is important part of research in the drilling engineering area carried in Faculty of Drilling, Oil & Gas, AGH University of Science and Technology. Energy become one of the most valid issues worldwide. As well United Europe as Poland are strongly interested in energy security problems. Energy intensity and sources of supply are crucial for national trade. Development of Polish oil and gas fields become probably more important than in previous centuries. For this reason drilling as a part of oil and gas industry will be very important in this age. Nowadays energy related sciences are developing rapidly. Also drilling engineering shows significant progress. Wellbore fluids related sciences represents extensive amount of knowledge. For this reason monograph covers only the most important topics from wellbore hydraulics and cementing.

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From the Editor 5
1. Hydraulics of drilling fluids 7
1.1. Rheological models of fluids 7
1.2. Analysis of rheological properties of fluids 12
1.3. The Newtonian fluid flow in wells 18
1.4. The Bingham fluid flow in wells 36
1.5. Flow of a generalized Newtonian fluid in wells 48
References 53

2. Cuttings removal in inclined wellbores 55
2.1. Issue overview 55
2.2. Cuttings transport in the vertical section 60
2.3. Cuttings transport in inclined section 67
References 85

3. Drilling boreholes with air-lift reverse circulation 89
3.1. Selection of hydraulic parameters of reverse circulation 89
3.2. Calculation of hydraulic parameters for air-lift reverse mud circulation after Allen method 93
3.3. Types of drill strings used for air-lift reverse circulation drilling 100
3.4 Characteristic of elements of the sleeve drill string with outer air pipes 103
3.5. Drill bits used for reverse circulation drilling 106
3.5.1. Cutter bits 106
3.5.2. Roller cone bits 108
References 112

4. Selected aspects of casing and cementing works 113
4.1. Preparing wellbore for casing and cementing works 114
4.1.1. Guidelines of casing 115
4.1.2. Cement slurries and accompanying fluids used for cementing works  119
4.1.3. Designing cementing works 120
4.2. Efficiency of drilling mud removal from the annular space 124
4.2.1. Displacement of mud in concentric annulus 126
4.2.2. Displacement of drilling mud from eccentric annulus 127
4.3. Influence of the character of the displacement fluid on the casing cementing efficiency 133
4.4. Buffer fluids 151
References 157

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