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Possibilities of Geothermal Energy Utilisation in Ukraine's Transcarpathia

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The monograph regarding the issues of geoenergetics in Transcarpathia (Ukraine), with special emphasis on the potential of geothermal energy on that territory and the possibilities of its rational utilisation. Multi-directional utilisation of both water and energy contained in it gives a development opportunity to Transcarpathian communes. This book has been prepared by a multi-disciplinary team and it is the effect of the activities undertaken in the project called: “Strengthening of local governments in the Transcarpathian Region (Ukraine) in respect of modern municipal management services and energy efficiency through a comprehensive utilisation of geothermal energy”, the Project Manager of which was Eng. Aneta Sapińska-Śliwa, PhD. The project has been carried out within the frameworks of the Poland’s 2012 Development Assistance Programme, co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Project Leader was the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, and the Partner was the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas. A team of high-class authors consisted of Polish and Ukrainian specialists, who have profound practical experience in the topic being discussed.
The main goal of this publication is to indicate possibilities of rational growth of Transcarpathian communes potential, owing to abundant geothermal waters. Progress in each field of life, especially in the area of technical solutions, opens up new possibilities of harnessing nature and using at least a part of its resources for human needs, in particular, in the area of energy acquisition. The authors of this monograph would like to point out that geothermal energy is a local source of energy, thus it is specifically local governments that are entitled to and obliged to utilise it in a rational way, in accordance with sound market conditions. That is why, in parallel with conducting analyses regarding the application of project solutions, it is necessary to monitor the results of an economic analysis, which should account for possible forms of financial support provided to a given investment. A well prepared and successfully completed capital project in one of the Transcarpathian communes may become a driving force for other communes in this region or in other parts of Ukraine, rich in geothermal waters. 
The concept of multi-directional utilisation of geothermal energy presented in this publication constitutes a new and original solution, which shows attractive directions of local governments’ activities in the area of using geothermal water, and also energy, which contribute to sustainable development of Transcarpathian Oblast in Ukraine. 

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