The AGH University of Science and Technology Press


The AGH University of Science and Technology Press was established in the early 50s of the XX century. The organizational structures of the publishing house consist of: editor-in-chief, technical deputy editor, Scientific Committee of the AGH UST Press and editorial committees of scientific periodicals publishers. The Vice-Rector for Science is the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of AGH UST Press, and its members are appointed by the Rector of the AGH University.

The scope of activities of the Publishers includes publishing of scripts and academic textbooks, scientific periodicals and aperiodic dissertations and monographs. Currently about 60 books and 13 scientific journals with a total circulation of about 20,000 copies are being published every year.

AGH journals appear in two formats: traditional (paper) and electronic. The latter is created through OJS system (Open Journal Systems) implemented in 2013 – software allowing to manage the publishing process via a website and enabling common (open) access to previously published articles. A tool improving identification of scientific publications available in the digital environment is also the DOI number (Digital Object Identifier) – since 2012 all AGH journals, as well as various single articles published in those journals, are accompanied by an individual number registered in the CrossRef database.

Among the issued series are: “Skrypty Uczelniane” (University Scripts), “Rozprawy. Monografie” (Dissertations. Monographs), Rozprawy Doktorskie. Monografie” (Doctoral Thesis. Monographs) and “Nauka dla Ciekawych” (Science for the Curious).

The published items are recognized on the specialist book market for their high substantive and editorial level. Their recipients are mainly scientists, specialists in various fields of industry and students of majors and specializations conducted by the AGH University.

AGH Publishers systematically participate in Wroclaw Scientific Book Fair, Scientific Book Fair in Krakow, Academic and Scientific Book Fair ACADEMIA in Warsaw, Poznan not only Scientific Book Days, as well as exhibitions (London Exhibition of Polish Scientific Books in 2010, Paris Exhibition of Polish Scientific Books in 2011,Munich Exhibition of Polish Scientific Books in 2012). Many of our publications had been awarded or distinguished during competitions accompanying those fairs.